you make me feel mighty real

Hello Frockers! Now that my last eBay frock sale has wound up it’s time for a round up. Together we raised $4000 to support the work of scientists who are searching for earlier detection tests and better targeted treatments for ovarian cancer. That’s over $19000 over the years since 2013. And altogether across Australia, Frocktober raised $470,786 in 2019. It was an absolute highlight for me this year to meet and hear from some of the scientists who are doing this important work, and it has only motivated to do it all again next year.

I’d very much like to send big thank yous to Brian, Kelly, Cat, Kate, Uncle Colin, Linda at Kitty Deluxe, Mum and Dad, Susan, Paul, Ivan, Alison, Carmel, Milen, Andrea, Tiffany, Dieu, Bridget, Noushin, Shelley, Dayane, Sue, Ruth, Diana, Kate, Steve, Allison, Candice, Annette, Kate, Joanna, Mark, Tamara, Sandra, Jan, Kate, Paula, Emily, Sarah, Melissa, Cristina, Aunty Lil, Skye, Heather, Anne, Georgie, Sylvia, Meredith, Rebecca, Megan, Nicole, Mirella, Cath & Jamie, Alex & Elise, Bron & Rod, Emily, Natasha & Liss, Sarah, Janelle, Patrick, Linda, May-Nee, Jean & Mat, Ayan, Drew & Kristen, Nicole & Bethia, the teachers at Kilbreda, the people who bought my frocks on ebay, and several anonymous donors! Your support means so much to me, and even more to the women who have ovarian cancer in their families and in their lives.

I’m back in jeans, shorts and skirts now but I promise you and the OCRF that I’ll be back next year, ready to smash $4000 again and who knows… maybe we can smash $5000 next year! All in loving memory of the mums, sisters and friends who we have lost to ovarian cancer.

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