blue is blue and red is red

On Day 22 I wore this City Chic frock that calls for accessorising with blue and red bits and bobs. In this case, a red cardi from Vinnies and blue Miz Mooz shoes and a blue Resin Doll brooch of the letter “E”. E for excited that we’re on the home stretch and our fundraising for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation is going so well. Not E for embarrassed because I somehow managed to smear my red lipstick all the way across my face during a team meeting while all eyes were on me. That’ll teach me to stray away from my reliable MAC lipsticks.

The first of my eBay bargains sold last week and I managed to pop it in the post on Day 22.

The other four frock auctions close soon. Jump in quick to get a bargain! But don’t fret if you miss out as I think I’ll put a couple more up this weekend.

Day 22 was a pretty standard day at work but I did make the effort to co-ordinate my whiteboard writing with my frock as you can see in the main pic above.

Day 22 was no standard day in the giving department, where generous supporters poured their purses’ contents into the OCRF coffers. Giant thank you to Sarah Green who can make elegant silhouettes in a frock like nobody’s business, as seen below.

Thanks also to Melissa who has been an awesome mentor and colleague and is easily one of the classiest frockettes in our office.

PMO - Photo - PMO Team - Funny 1 - 2018-11-27 (2)

And to Cristina who featured here in my “last day of Pantstember” pic a few years ago.


Whether you’re a frequent frocker or not, you’re welcome to join the aforementioned lovelies in supporting the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation by donating at this link.

Thank you!

here’s johnny

On Day 21 it was back to the office and trying to look half decent. I wore a very sensible black/grey frock and black Miz Mooz shoes. And because I can’t do plain black I added green. So much green. Green tights from We Love Color and a green Banned Dancing Days cardigan. And an Erstwilder owl brooch which an Owlie fan bestowed on me.

As much as I love those Miz Mooz shoes and their scalloped edges, they’re not great for running across the highway and traipsing down the street between my car and the office so I did a sneaky shoe switcheroo.

I invited my old pal Barrie to be in one of my photos today. It went well.

Yes, his claw is firmly lodged in my nice soft green cardigan. I think this cartoon summarises our relationship.

I’d love to give clawless kitten cuddles to a litter of lovelies: Jan, Kate, Paula and Fluffy. All of them made generous contributions to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation today. And all of them know how to rock a frock. Ovarian cancer is the eighth most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australian females, but the most lethal gynaecological cancer. By making a donation you’re helping to change that.

To make a donation just visit this link: So far your generous support has raised $2270! Can we make it to $3000?

i’m still standing

After an epic day yesterday, I needed Day 20 to be low key. I frocked up in the Hell Bunny Muertos dress and a hot pink Mak cardigan and headed out for coffee and photos with Michelle.

I’m not sure if it was the coffee or what, but her creative marketing juices were flowing and she had endless ideas for posters to raise awareness of ovarian cancer.

While we’re talking about ovarian cancer, did you know that over 50% of the community incorrectly believes a Pap smear will diagnose ovarian cancer? If you’re one of those people you may be interested to learn that a Pap smear can only screen for cervical cancer. There’s no equivalent test for ovarian cancer. That’s exactly why we’re trying to raise funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, so that they can support scientists to develop that test.

If you feel inspired to support them, there’s a link here where you can send them a donation. Someone who did just that today was the gorgeous Sandra – apparently it was Friday’s tartan that inspired her. If there’s a particular look that would inspire you to donate, feel free to let me know! I’ll see if I can rise to the challenge!

once, twice, three times a lady

Day 19 was a giant day, where I was basically shaking my money maker one way or another all day. I wore one of my oldest Hell Bunny frocks, the Evie, paired with blue Miz Mooz shoes and a blue MAK cardigan. To top it all off I wore a brooch that mum recently brought back from New Zealand for me.

First job of the day was at the office doing some community consultation, which has always been one of my favourite parts of working in local government. I had two hours of lovely chats about trees and roads and park benches. I have to admit, though, I was a little distracted because I had an appointment to get to with an auctioneer and an accordionist so I popped on this Veronica Dearly pin and raced around to our old house.

Our house was being auctioned, and quite the crowd turned out, although they may have just been there for the entertainment.

Turned out at least four of them were there to bid, but don’t take my word for it – ask the Herald Sun. Anyone for warm champagne?

So our house sold, and a chapter in life closed. Talk about a roller coaster!

After a short de-brief and a family lunch, I went home and did what I could to recharge my batteries and my lipstick.

It was time to don my second frock of the day – a gold glittery Tatyana halter neck disco dress – because I was off to play DJ Oily Shoes at a 50th birthday party.

The birthday party was lots of fun because it had my two favourite things as a DJ – people who take fancy dress seriously, and people who have dance moves for every single tune.

These most excellent party goers gave me the energy to keep going until after 1am when I finally got home and fell into bed.

What a day!

Between all of that action, it’s probably unsurprising that my mind wasn’t very focused on raising funds for ovarian cancer research, but if you’re still focused on it you can visit this link to make a donation.

tell you all the little things i’m going to do

Day 18 called for a tartan favourite. (OK, I realise I say most dresses are my favourite – just roll with it. I have a lot of love to give.) It’s a Hell Bunny one, and I wore it with a Hell Bunny cardigan, my swan shoes and a cute little brooch that says sweetheart.

My shoes always get comments and even though they’re slightly old and ratty, they’re still fun.

It was an uneventful day, apart from a stint in the Hyundai “Business Lounge” while I waited for my car to have a quick service. Not much business happens these days without wifi, Hyundai! Here’s my unimpressed face.

So with no wifi and only some blue vinyl chairs for company, I sat and reflected on ovarian cancer. Symptoms are often vague and the warning signs associated with the disease — discomfort or pain in the abdomen or pelvis; feeling swollen or bloated; appetite loss or feeling full quickly; tiredness, and unexplained changes in weight — rarely set off alarm bells. As a result, women or their doctors sometimes mistakenly attribute the symptoms to other gastrointestinal problems or common female complaints, and delay taking further steps. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had all those symptons and I have absolutely put them down to the joys of being a woman or the joys of getting older and fatter. I’m probably one of the worst offenders for putting off going to the doctor. But every year when I do Frocktober I have this wake-up call of hearing women’s stories of ovarian cancer and realising there’s nothing to be gained in ignoring bodily symptoms and avoiding doctors. And the saying better safe than sorry exists for a reason. Not just for ovarian cancer, but for our health in general, and definitely for the health of busy mums who put their health last after all other priorities. I think I’ve just talked myself into making a check up appointment with my GP which is long overdue. Thanks me!

I also want to say thanks to some other clever people. On Day 18 a donation came in from Joanna, who knows how to wear a groovy hair colour and an eye-catching outfit. One came in from Mark who I appreciate as a steadying influence at work, and a lovely person to chat to. And one came in from Tamara who was my frock sister in Frocktober 2017, who always dresses proper classy-like, and who has recently brought the silent disco to Bendigo. Thank you lovelies for taking the time out of your day and the dollars out of your wallets to support the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

Don’t lose your head wondering how you can donate – just follow this easy link!

never fully dressed without a smile

On Day 17 of Frocktober I wore a frock that’s made at least a couple of previous Frocktober appearances. Last time, I compared it to Little Orphan Annie and Mrs Claus and Justine Clarke. But this time all I could think of was this girl from the Colgate ad that keeps appearing in my Facebook feed.

I’m just glad there wasn’t a man in a tie coming at me with his claw when I was brushing my teeth this morning.

Bare legs probably wasn’t the brightest idea today – it was cold and rainy and windy and as the day wore on I definitely needed my Hell Bunny cardigan.

I’m pictured here rolling my eyes at my ridiculous cardigan-clutching pose that I keep pulling.

The evening got even colder and I had to add tracky dacks and a parka and sneakers.

This look reminded me of when we used to wear trackies under our netball skirts all day on a Saturday, but with less running and hand-eye co-ordination required.

Some lovely donations rolled in today. I’d like to say thank you to Candice for stopping me and asking me about Frocktober and then sending through a donation. I’d also like to thank the lovely emerald-haired Linda Dametto, who supplies many of my frocks through her business Kitty Deluxe. I’d like to thank Annette for being wonderful to work with and for supporting ovarian cancer research. And I’d like to thank Kate for her zest for life and trying new things and being creative. Oh and for supporting Frocktober. And finally, I’d like to thank the anonymous Owlie fan who dropped a generous donation. I don’t know which Owlie fan it was, but I do know that all Owlie fans are also fans of women’s health, so it should come as no surprise to see such generosity. Together these generous frock stars have pushed my total raised up to $1860 and I am chuffed!

If you’d like to keep me smiling, please visit my donation page to send some dollars to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

See you tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow.

home again, across the sea

I do love a sailor outfit. Always have! And that’s what I brought to Day 16. This is the Hell Bunny Yvonne that I bought from Kitty Deluxe, topped with Erstwilder’s Brian B Quaid prawn brooch.

On my feet I was wearing someone’s grandma’s shoes that I bought from a Salvos in the Eastern suburbs about ten years. They just keep on keeping on. They remind me of the shoes you see military women wearing when on parade. The closest I got to being on parade on day 16 was doing the urgent walk down the long corridor towards the functions area when I was hoping to grab a coffee before the management meeting started.

At the management meeting I slipped in a mention of Frocktober in between my announcements about business case deadlines and a process map for procurement, and lo and behold my vibrant management colleague Steve sent through a donation. Thanks Steve, your support is appreciated! And then came one from one of my newest colleagues, Allison, who knows the business of women’s health all too well. Thank you Allison.

That evening at home, in exchange for me agreeing to help pack her camp bag and do her homework, the mini-photographer agreed to take my pic and after a quick creative brainstorm session, this is the concept we came up with.

This time last year she and I and the rest of the Hugheses were on a cruise ship, so in honour of that, here’s a pic of mini being nautical (ie she was on a boat) and frocked up.

As we prepare to move on to Day 17, here’s a reminder of what cancer actually is. While cells in our body usually grow in a controlled and organised fashion, when they grow abnormally, they form a growth or tumour which can be benign or malignant. Benign tumours are not cancerous and do not spread. Ovarian cancer is a malignant tumour in one or both ovaries, which can continue to spread through the body if not treated.

Thank you for all of your support so far for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. If you’d like to keep the support growing towards my revised target of $3000, here’s the link to donate.

follow me in merry measure

It was Christmas in Frocktober on Day 15! I wore this Lindy Bop Gilda frock with and Erstwilder brooch and the notorious Bait Footwear shoes (no climbing onto yellow chairs for pics of these today).

It was a long day at work and not much chance to take pics, so here’s one of me when I donned this gay apparel and went to watch Meredith sing falalala lalala la la la a few years ago. Taken at the door of a pair of mega Frockstars, Cath and Jamie.

At the end of the night I was going up (in the elevator) and so was my donation total.

Thank you anonymous for your kind donation towards ovarian cancer research. I don’t know who you are but I love your work! And also Kate – thank you for your donation – you tipped me over my fundraising goal of $1500 right on the halfway mark of the month and I’m thinking I might revise my goal upwards. I’m so proud of you all for supporting ovarian cancer research so enthusiastically!

The causes of ovarian cancer are unknown, but risk factors include age, reproductive history, having endometriosis, and lifestyle and hormonal factors. This is scary bexause it could be any of us, really. Please tune in to your body!

show me a smile

My Day 14 frock is almost not a frock, but it’s a pinafore and I think that counts, don’t you? It’s a Bettie Page/Tatyana jumper with a Louella Deville Ruth top (hurry to her site now – tops are on sale!), Miz Mooz shoes from Once More With Feeling, and my Erstwilder Gemini the Gentle brooch.

Today I had the pleasure of sharing Frocktober with our old pal Owlie. It’s hard to explain Owlie aside from saying that he’s been a loyal team mascot at work for six years and I won’t hear a bad word about him, even if he is little more than two polystyrene balls, some sparse feathers and some sharpie marks. Owlie popped up on social media wearing my Day 11 frock, and I’m sure you’ll agree he looked great!

I was so proud of Owlie for joining me in my efforts so I went and paid him a visit. Thanks for the pic, Cat!

Then I went and visited our house that’s going to be auctioned this weekend, and took a couple of pics in locations that have been Frocktober backdrops since 2013.

I’m trying to keep the dollars rolling in for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation and I’m pleased to say that a donation came in from Ruth M today – thanks a million Ruth! And just since I’ve been writing this, Diana has made a donation too! You are wonderfully generous! Ruth and Diana visited my Frocktober donation page and you can too.

Meanwhile my eBay sale is going well. One frock has sold already, and there are bids on the others, so head on over there if you’re keen to nab one.

So let’s keep on frocking and see how much we can raise together this month.

if you’re gonna do it, do it right

I’m not saying I believe 13 is unlucky, but I am saying the donations slowed on Day 13.

I wore a Rummage Style frock, custom made by my friend Theresa in her brilliant small business. It was a tad chilly this morning so I layered it with a red cardigan and jeggings! I always thought jeggings were for babies, but here we are!

I took myself over to the library across the road and attempted some public selfies.

Mini-photographer would die with embarrassment if she knew about this! Probably also if she saw that jeggings photo up there.

When I realised that the donations were slowing, I decided it was time to flog some frocks off on eBay.

If they all sell, that’ll be at least another $100 for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, so please… if you fancy my frocks, head over to eBay and start bidding!

And if you don’t fancy my frocks, head over to my donation page for Frocktober, and help me keep the momentum up!

And until tomorrow, chill out!

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